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A psychological drama set in the very near future, shows the struggle of Mariam, a young wife and mother, as she ponders the idea of her individuality through, a series of arguments with her husband, Mayed. Her ongoing pursuit for an answer to the fundamental questions of “what is ‘us’?” leads us to discover a deeper cause for her marital troubles.

Eisa Alsubousi

Eisa Al Sabousi

Eisa is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project.

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who worked on this project

  • Mashael Al Qassimi Art coordinator
  • Sami Bin Theyab Production coordinator
  • Kathren YehyaWardrobe
  • Anupam GahoiProduction assistant
  • Rashid Al nuaimiExtra
  • Ahmed Al Rasheed(mario) BTS Video
  • Nadia MuradCoordinator
  • Maryam Al MazrouiCoordinator
  • Noura KhmeesPhotographer
  • Tahra Al Hammadi Coordinator
  • Amna Al hammadi Coordinator
  • Mamta Gahoi Extra
  • Amer Al KamelMain actor
  • Rahul GutaKid - Extra
  • Charu Guta Kid - Extra
  • Mohammed al Hameli Kid - Actor
  • Ibrahim Al HammadiProduction Assistant

Festivals, Awards & Nominations

  • Shown at Dubai Film Festival

Technical Specifications


shooting format: Alexa Arricam
screening format: Apple proress 4444
frames/sec: 25 fps
screen ratio: 2.35:1
colour / B&W: Colour
running time: 15:17 minutes


sound format: AIFF
language: Arabic