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Take a walk down memory lane in Sain’s first official single, “1990”. Filled with many special events and national developments, the 90s were when Sain and featured artist, Tiny, were born, and was the first year the UAE football team made it to the World Cup. It was also when hip hop exploded into the UAE music scene.

Hussain “Sain” Hashim

Hussain Hashim Born in Miami, USA, but raised in Dubai to maintain his connection with his heritage, music has always been a big part of Sain's life. Having discovered his passion for Hip Hop at an early age, the lyrics for his songs come from his life experiences, and Sain always tries to find the balance between performing Western music in the Eastern society he lives in. No profanity, no exaggerations or fantasies – just his thoughts and his passion. View portfolio

who worked on this project

  • Ahmed Abdulmonium Runner
  • Hameed JaddProduction Assistant
  • Hassan Bin ShamsBack Up Vocals
  • Abdallah EissaBack Up Vocals
  • Mohammed Al Mughairi Location Scout
  • Hassan Muttalib Location Scout
  • Sara SaberBehind the scene camera
  • Mouza AlmehairyBehind the scenes editing

Technical Specifications


running time: 3:37 minutes


language: Arabic & English