Al Rajeem

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In 1950, greed and the hunger for wealth drives a man to kill his own daughter in their home. Sixty years later, a grieving family moves into the same house, which is still haunted by the spirit of the murdered girl. What is the spirit after, and what will it take to appease its tortured soul?

Amer Al Kamel

The 29-year old Amer studied computer programming, and when creative lab put out a call for ideas for the Kalimat iPhone app commercials, his ideas were retained, and he ended up acting in the commercials. Since then, he has become a very active member of the creative lab community, taking part in numerous projects to continue his growth and development.

who worked on this project

  • Mohamed Hamdi Assistant Art Director
  • Hana Hounaine Assistant Producer
  • Ameer Sehweil Continuity
  • Dana Ali Production Co-ordinator (Wardrobe)
  • Ahmed Al Hassoni Production Co-ordinator
  • Reine Bejjani Line Producer
  • Ray Haddad Behind the Scenes
  • Ahmad Namavar Ast. Dop- Behind the Scenes
  • Ibrahim Mansour Assistant Art Director
  • Mir. Ehtesham Assistant Director
  • Amira Black Production Coordinator
  • Mareena G Khawar Behind the Scenes Photography
  • Mohamad Yahia Assistant Director
  • Khalid Al Abdullah Stunt



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