image description

A fifty-year-old finds himself lying on the ground in a deserted island. And begins the search for his son lost due to the coup of the ship which were in the sea.

Abdullah Al-Junaibi

Abdullah is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project.

who worked on this project

  • Abdulrahman Al Madani
  • Humaid Alawadi
  • Mohammed Al Madrab
  • Yasmeen Asady
  • Mohammed Al Khaledi
  • Majed Al Shamsi
  • Amna Al Nuwais
  • mohamad Abdul Hak
  • Lubna Habash
  • Abdulfatah Altajer
  • Mafiz Allam
  • Ahmed Arshi
  • Yassir Al Rasasi
  • Essam Sadaane
  • Saeed Salem
  • M Sami Nassar
  • Hamad Majed

Technical Specifications


shooting format: HD Video
screening formats available: Full HD
frames/sec: 24
screen ratio: 0.672916666666667
colour / B&W: Colour
running time: 23:00 minutes


sound Format: Stereo
language: Arabic