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The story of young mermaid ”Arato” that lives in the Arabian sea one day disobeys the rules of the sea king “Pausidon” by going up to the surface of the water watching the Emirati fisher men cruising with their boats. For that, “Arato” is sentenced to death by the king and for her last request before death she asked to explore the human lives above the water and go visit the land (which is the UAE).

Faisal Al Shiryani

Hani Kichi Faisal is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project. View portfolio


“Pausidon” approves and takes her to land where they discover a knight who goes by the name “Zayed”, they found him in the middle of the desert promising GOD that he will turn his dry land to a green field and unite his people under one flag and one country. “Arato” was moved and believed in the knight while “Pausidon” laughed and thought “Zayed’s” dreams will stay in his imagination. “Pausidon” promised the young mermaid that if the knight fulfills his dream, he would exempt her from the death punishment. Days go by, when “Pausidon” and “Arato” return to the land, they discover that “Zayed” fulfilled his Promise and the young mermaid was saved. This mixed-media 3D animation short combines the history of the unification of the UAE with ancient Greek mythology into a beautiful visual presentation with an original music soundtrack. A remarkable short film.

press coverage

13 December 2012   
UAE’s 3D animated short film Ostora wins its first international award   
Source: twofour54 media centre

15 April 2012    
twofour54 creative lab talent recognised at this year’s Gulf Film Festival    
Source: twofour54 media centre

festivals, awards & nominations

  • Abu Dhabi Film Festival - 2012
  • Biennial of Animation - Bratislava, Slovakia - 2012
  • Banjaluka - Banjaluka, Bosnia - 2012
  • TGulf Film festival - Dubai, UAE - 2012
  • DogVille 3D Film Festival of Stereo 3D Short films - Barcelona, Spain - 2012
  • London MENA Film Festival - 2012
  • 5th Annual 3D Film & Music Festival in Los Angeles
  • Festival du film oriental de Geneve - Geneva, Switzerland - 2012
  • Cinemadamare - Many cities, Italy - 2012
  • 9th Annual Big Apple Film Festival - USA - November, 2012
  • Tribeca Cinemas, New York City, 3DFF - Hollywood - 2012
  • Animayo - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria- Spain - 2012
  • Leiden International Short Film Festival -LISFE - Leiden, Netherlands - 2012
  • Anima Mundi - Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo- Brasil - 2012
  • Krok International Animated Film Festival - Kiev, Ukraine - 2012
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival - Zanzibar, Tanzanie - 2012
  • NY Short Film Festival - New York, USA - 2012
  • San Francisco Arab Flim Festival - USA - 2012
  • Klik! Animation Festival - Amstrerdam, Netherlands - 2012
  • International Golden Boll Film Festival (Mediterranean) - Adana, Turkey - 2012/li>
  • Abu Dhabi Film Festival - 2012
  • Larissa Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers
  • Festival International du Film d’Altkirch - France - April, 2013