Qasr Al Hosn Festival

image description
A series of 13 short video segments that capture the unique event of Qasr Al Hosn held in Abu Dhabi in 2013. The festival celebrates the 250-year history of the UAE and highlights Qasr Al Hosn, the original fort which is a centerpiece of Abu Dhabi’s historical culture. Each video is a time capsule that tells the history of the city of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Community Project

who worked on this project

  • Amena Al Nowais Shadowing Associate director
  • Sara Al AhbabiBehind the scenes videography + photography
  • Alia Al MuhairyShadowing Custom designer
  • Nouf Al JahdhamiShadowing Makeup artist
  • Mohamed Al MarzooqiShadowing Sound Engineer
  • Hameeda Al RahbiShadowing Projection director
  • Hameeda Al RahbiPhotographer
  • Maryam IbrahimVideographer
  • Waleed Al MadaniVideographer
  • Ahmed EssaVideographer
  • Abdul Rahman Al MadaniVideographer
  • Mohamed Al HamadiPhotographer
  • Moath NoorPhotographer
  • Amira Al BalooshiPresenter
  • Tahra Al HamediPresenter
  • Arwa SadekSubtitles Edit