Smaller than the Sky

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What happens when everything that you took for granted was lost in an instant? What would you do, when you can’t do anything?This film is set entirely within a crashed car and takes the audience through the trauma of surviving and dying.This film tells the story about a mother (Afaaf) sufferance after a car crash in which it appears her husband and daughter die.

Mohammed Hassan Ahmed

One of the UAE's rising screenwriters, Mohamed's ten years of experience has made him a strong driving force in the development of the country's film industry. Although he likes to write for all film projects, he has recently switched his focus from short films to features.

who worked on this project

  • Sultan Al Jassmi Assistant Producer, car crew, lighting
  • Reem Ba ZaidAssistant Wardrobe, Makeup
  • Abdelrahman Al Madani Assistant Producer, car crew, lighting
  • Mohammed Ghanem Al Marri Mohammed Ghanem Al Marri
  • Farah Al Khateeb Assistant Director
  • Khalid Al Abdullah Assistant Director
  • Lolua Al Ali Assistant Wardrobe, Makeup
  • Abdullah Al NeyadiAssistant Producer, car crew
  • Ahmed Al Hebsi Videographer
  • Abdullah Awadh Assistant Camera
  • Mariam Al Suwaidi Photographer, Makeup
  • Ayesha AbdelrahmanPhotographer, Makeup
  • Mohamad Hasan Writer


Throughout the film, we see Afaaf’s reactions as they swing from grogginess, to complete awareness, to extreme grief, to denial, and even to fantasy as she imagines her family (husband and daughter) next to her still alive. Those moments with “Afaaf” in and out of consciousness is where we truly realize those moments between life and death that are possibly the most horrifying moments in anyone’s life. They are the moments that people tend to overlook when thinking of a car accident, and it is precisely the moment when human emotion is at its most raw.

Press Coverage

14 Nov 2012
Video: Interview with Abdullah Hasan Ahmed, Director of Smaller than the Sky
Source: Abu Dhabi Film Festival

22 March 2013
Short Film Review: Smaller Than the Sky
Source: The London Film Review


  • Asian-Magrreben Short Film festival - Morocco - May 22-26
  • Best Script, Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012
  • Second Prize - Short Narrative Competition-Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012
  • Gulf Film festival - Dubai-UAE - 2012
  • Malmo Arab Film Festival - Malmo- Sweden - 2012
  • London Film Festival (Preselection) - 2012
  • Baghdad Film Festival (Preselection) - 2012
  • Iraq International Film Festival - Iraq - 2012
  • Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya (The Cinema Days of Beirut)