The Brain That Sings

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The film follows the journey of two autistic boys in the UAE, 19-year old Mohammed and 6-year old Khalifa, and their progression through three Months of music therapy. The film explores the cultural stigma associated with having a special needs child In the Arab world.

Amal Al Agroobi

Amal Al-Agroobi Amal is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project. View portfolio

who worked on this project

  • Abdulrahman Al MadaniProduction Interns
  • Tahra Al Hammadi Production Interns
  • Shaimma Al Ammari Production Interns
  • FatmaAz Zahra Transcription Services
  • Amira Al Blooshi Transcription Services
  • Rolla Hamood Transcription Services
  • Arwa Sadek Transcription Services

Press Coverage

6 December 2013
Source: Al Bayan Newspaper

22 December 2013
Source: Al Etihad Newspaper


  • Audience Award – Dubai Film Festival 2013


Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation – Aflamnah