The Drive

image description
After a tiring day at work, Ahmed get's into his car for the long drive back home. Felling very sleepy, he encounters many abnormalities on the road, not sure whether he is hallucinating or really experiencing a super natural experience, he decided to stop at a petrol station in hopes a cup of coffee would wake him up from this nightmare. But is it really a nightmare

Mariam Al Nuaimi

who worked on this project

  • Ayesha Saeed Alnuaimi Art department/ props
  • Ali Al Ansari Filming crew
  • Salim Alduwaila2nd assistant director
  • Mohammed al Ghaferi Assistant director
  • Rua'a Ahmadi Art department / makeup assistant
  • Mohammed al ahmadi production coordinatior assistant
  • Mohammed Al Ghafri Assistant director
  • Maryam Alabbad Art department / makeup assistant
  • Amal Faraj Art department/ props
  • Israa Elhag 2nd assistant director