The World

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This song, more popularly known as the Education Without Borders Song, was performed by Khalifa Al Romaithi and Manal Al Ahli. The song is about the state of the world, education, and the Education Without Borders event.

Khalifa Al Romaithi and Manal Al Ahli

Khalifa Al Romaithi Khalifa and Manal are two of our creative lab community members and inspiring applicants. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project. View portfolio

who worked on this project

  • yahya mohammed
  • Amer Al Hammadi
  • George Saad
  • Noura Al Fardan
  • Tareq Al Hosani
  • Alan Jones
  • Leina Hussian
  • Ayham Al Quntar
  • Sameer Karam
  • Manshour Russel
  • Rody Magdy
  • Hazem Mahdy
  • Glorian Darna
  • Sameer Al Jaberi
  • Jessy Shalfoun

Technical Specifications


running time: 3:22 minute


sound format:
language: Arabic & English