Dark Symphony

image description
After 26 years of living in darkness, Mohamed Al Ghafli, a blind Emirati actor, shows his vision on the big screen. This documentary follows the making of a film being directed by a blind man – showing that willpower and determination can make even the impossible a reality.

Hanan Al Shimy

hanan ahmed al shimy Hanan is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project. View portfolio

who worked on this project

  • MoHamed abdulfatth elbashier coordinator
  • Mutaz Mohamed Alnell Assistant lighting
  • Ahmad Essa assistant camera
  • Sami bin theyab production coordinator
  • Abdel Rahman Al MadaniSecond Camera
  • Fatima Omar Assistant Editor