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Sometimes circumstances force us to abandon our principles! This dramatic story takes place in an old neighborhood in the UAE during Ramadan month. Young 14 year old “Ali” accidently kills his friend “Mohamad” while arguing in Ali’s father grocery shop. Hassan, Ali’s father, is a faithful and law abiding man, who for once was challenged to abandon his principals in order to save his child from the hands of the law and punishment. Although they try to escape, that nothing goes hidden from the eyes of the law, and he gets arrested with his son on the night of the “Eid” celebration

Omar Ibrahim

omar Ibrahim Omar is one of our creative lab community members and an inspiring applicant. This project has been an amazing chapter in our journey. Huge thanks to all our creative lab members who have contributed to this amazing project. View portfolio

Technical Specifications


shooting format: HD Video
screening formats available: HD Video
frames/sec: 25
screen ratio: 16:09
colour / B&W: Colour
running time: 20:00 minutes


sound Format: Embedded
language: Arabic