Ya Khalifatna - 41 UAE National Day Song

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Dedicated by twofour54˚creative lab for National Day 2012, we present ‘Ya Khalifatna’. To celebrate the UAE's 41st National Day we collaborated to create a National Day song that combines elements from the much-loved UAE song, 'Zanaha Zayed' together with the song, 'Amrak Al Sami', both of which were written by renowned Emirati poet, Arif Al Khaja. Arif combined these lyrics to create a new song entitled 'YaKhalifatna' and acclaimed singer Fayez Al Saeed composed the music.

Abdul Aziz Ahmed - Director

A union between young Emirati creative talent led by first-time music director Abdul Aziz Ahmed and the acclaimed poet Arif Khaja, 'Ya Khalifatna' is the new song that celebrates the unity of the UAE. Working with renowned music producer Fayez Al Saeed, this Emirati-led project was brought to life by twofour54˚ creative lab to celebrate the UAE's 41st National Day. A competition was launched on the creative lab website that gave community members the chance to create and direct the music video for 'Ya Khalifatna' and Abdul Aziz won the competition.

who worked on this project

We were very lucky to have the commitment and enthusiasm of 15 of our community members, who worked tirelessly to deliver the project, working long hours with passion and dedication to make it a reality. We thank:

  • Abdelazeez Ahmed
  • Shaima Al AmmariStoryboard
  • Salama Yousef Casting
  • Sara Al Ahbabi Storyboard and behind-the-scenes
  • Amal Al Yamahi Props
  • Abdallah Al Jenaibi Second assistant Director
  • Maryam Al Marar Wardrobe
  • TahraProps
  • Amna Al Neyadi Assistant producer
  • Maryam Al Shamsi Graphic designer
  • Zainab Al Refaie Behind-the-scenes video filming and editing
  • Sally AbdelRazakLine producer
  • Mohamed Sakkijha Production coordinator
  • Othman Al Hammadi Extra
  • Darweesh Al Hammadi Extra