What makes the Arab youth tick?

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Ever wonder how the young generation of today see themselves? They are, after all, the Middle Easts' most important demographic!

Ever wonder how the young generation of today see themselves? They are, after all, the Middle Easts’ most important demographic! A recent survey based on 3,500 participants by ASDA’A Burson-Marseller gives us an insight into the hopes, concerns and aspirations of teenagers and 20-somethings all over the Arab World.

Did you know that: The number one finding is that young people are embracing modern values, while family, religion and friends continue to shape opinions and influence their lives. No shock there!

Secondly, young people are confident in their government’s ability to deal with a wide variety of issues. This is especially true here in the UAE, where leaders have embraced development and the country is now setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Next, rising living costs and unemployment. Not surprisingly, these are the biggest concerns for youth across the Middle East. I guess, in this respect, they are the same as everywhere else. They are young, educated and full of energy.

The fourth finding is that the Arab youth believe that civil unrest is the biggest obstacle facing the region. It’s no wonder this is the case after what we’ve seen on the news.

Number five - Entrepreneurial spirit is high and a growing number of young Arabs would like to work in the private sector. In other words, they’re all budding Fadi Ghandours, the founder of Aramex. Cha-ching!

Sixth - The UAE is the country that most Arab youth would like to live in and is seen as a model for their country to copy.

Next up, the Arab youth consider their biggest allies to be the UAE and Saudi, not the West.

The eighth finding is that Arab youth are increasingly concerned about obesity and lifestyle diseases and don’t believe that healthcare in their own country is improving. This is one we all have to work at. Governments need to invest in hospitals and we all have to get off our butts and get some exercise. Remember: reach for the fattoush and not the falafels.

Last but one, a majority of young Arabs believe they are entitled to subsidised energy costs and concern about climate change is low. Well, we do live in a region that’s blessed with natural resources, it’s only fair that everyone benefits. But come on guys, does your gas-guzzler really have to be so big?

The tenth pearl of wisdom is that television is the most popular source of news but more and more of us are turning to the internet for our daily bulletins. I still like to get my fingers dirty with a bit of ink now and again, but the news is so old. Hold on, what was that news alert that just came through on my smartphone?

For more on the survey visit: http://www.arabyouthsurvey.com