UAE Box Office Top 10

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See the top 10 grossing films at the UAE Box Office last week!

Welcome to our weekly UAE Box Office Report!

We'll be offering you a weekly glimpse at the top 10 grossing films at the UAE box office, courtesy of the number 1 box office website: Box Office Mojo!

The top 10 films in the UAE last week (in dollar revenue) had Edge of Tomorrow dominating the charts, followed by How to Train Your Dragon 2. This confirms Tom Cruise's continuing international appeal which should drive the grosses for the film internationally even though the domestic box office for the film disappointed. How to Train Your Dragon should ultimately pass Rio 2 at the UAE box office but not gross the figures Frozen or Despicable me 2 grossed here - 12 million UAE Dirhams in box office revenue.

Here's the full chart of the top grossing films last weekend: (Source: