Negafa - a project we can't wait to show you!

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So excited to be supporting our dedicated community member Abdulrahman Al Madani's new brilliant short

We're so excited to announce that our community member Abdulrahman Al Madani is now officially an applicant! He visited us today at #thelab to sign our support agreement of his new short film Negafa which has wrapped up production a few days ago.

The film tells a very realistic story of a Ahmad, known as "Negafa" (a.k.a. Booger) among his classmates as he tries to overcome peer bullying that caused by the class bully, Omar. In spite of the supportive vibes around him, only Ahmad can save himself when he lands in a troubled situation.

Abdulrahman put a lot of effort and heart into this film and we are so excited about the final cut which should hit festival circuit soon. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes pics!

Follow Abdulrahman on Twitter: @arahmanalmadani and the project at #negafafilm