Introducing The #Dangaw Show!

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A new comedy online series by our amazing community member Ahmad Al Redha

We are so excited to announce the launch of a fantastic online comedy series, created by one of our most talented Emirati community members: Ahmad Al Redha!

 “مسلسل #دنقو”, or “The #Dangaw Show”, is a new online comedy series that mixes real life actors in an imaginary cartoon universe where all sorts of crazy things can happen. The #Dangaw Show leverages the comedic hypertension and over-exaggeration of the characters as they can face any type of peril: Be it dragons, beasts, you name it!

#Dangaw creator, Ahmad AbdulGhani Al Redha is a UAE national that always had a passion for creativity. As a child he'd write short stories just to share with his friends and make them laugh, and by his mid-20's published his first children's storybook. Having later delved into making comedy skits with a few friends, he later began working in collaboration with us on his first ever Arabic skits, in a pilot series titled "The Dangaw Show". Ahmad is extremely passionate about media content creation, and hopes to see the UAE become a leading content creator in the region over the coming years.

Check out the #Dangaw teaser trailer above! 

The first full episode can be viewed on the show’s official YouTube channel:

Follow Ahmad on Twitter: @Mejowski

Stay tuned for episode 2!