Animation Expert at the Cartoon Network Academy!

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Cartoon Network Academy students got to learn from animation expert on how they can turn paintings into automated animated short film backgrounds!

It was a very eventful week at the Cartoon Network Animation Academy! Animation and painting expert Rae Mccarson visited the Academy to show students some wonderful techniques on how they can create, merge and automate their painted backgrounds into their short animated films using photoshop.

Check out the amazing paintings below – and yes, it was done with a simple bowl of water, some paint brushes and regular A3 sheets.

Also check out the students’ experiences with the training at their blog:

Rae Mccarson demonstrating painting techniques to CNAA students

Paintings, paintings, paintings!

...simple but effective! Students started to do their own paintings to apply it on photoshop

Photoshop time! Merging painted backgrounds on photoshop!