twofour54/Cinema Social Club Scriptwriting Competition

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Competition open for all creative lab and non creative lab members - login/sign up to view details!

Family Development Foundation and twofour54 are joining forces in a script writing competition for short social films. 
It’s a great opportunity for all talented writers to get involved in this fantastic competition that aims to advance social issues through film.
The Cinema Social Club is one of the Family Development Foundation initiatives with the goal of communicating with the local community (innumerable sectors as well as all ages) through the initiation of a social cinema program, encouraging adolescents and those interested in cinematography in order to prepare and produce social cinematographic projects. These projects can and will contribute and highlight the current important and critical social issues using an innovative approach; submitted cinematographic projects should be interesting, persuasive, and creative and meet the goals of the club.  
The Club will:
- Help produce the winning script in collaboration with twofour54
- Help promote the film upon completion
- Open for writers 18 years old and above
- Film needs to be 1-7 min. 
- Script needs to tackle a key social issue (family ties, elderly issues, disabled segments of society, social bonds, divorce etc)
- Script needs to be original and not previously submitted to any local or regional or international entity
- All production and promotion rights are owned by the Family Development Foundation and twofour54
- Please apply before Dec 30 at: