Calling all Actors!

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Our community member Humaid Al Suwaidi is looking for actors to join his exciting new film!

Our community member Humaid Al Suwaidi is looking for actors to join his exciting new film!

The film revolved around Abdullah, an Emirati boy, who develops a fascination for classical music despite growing up in a very conservative family where many things are "Haram". He tries to conceal this over the years especially from his disciplined father.

The roles that I'm looking for are as follows:
1- Abdullah:
5-8 years old
Very quiet kid. Aloof. Fascinated by classical music.  2 Day Shoot (Weekend)
2- Hamad (Abdullah's Older Brother)
8-10 years old
Expressive. Loves the attention from his father. Opinionated. Emirati Dialect required. 2 Day shoot (Weekend)
3- Hissa (girl; Abdullah's neighbor):
6-10 years old
Loves to play with other kids. Likes music and also like to keep secrets. Emirati Dialect required. 1 Day shoot (Weekend) 

Flash forward 7 years:
2nd Sequence:

1- Abdullah:
12-15 years old
Still very quiet. Wants to learn to play the oud. Doesn't share with his family. 4 Day shoot 

2- Hamad: 
15-18 years old 
Wants to study abroad. Self obsessed. Oblivious to the struggle of others. Emirati Dialect required. 3 Day shoot.

Flash Forward 10 years:
3rd Sequence:

1- Abdullah's mother (40s-50s)
- Traditional Emirati woman. Religiously conservative. Raised her children strict under the watch of their father. Emirati dialect required. 7 Days shoot. 

2- Michael (30s-50s)
- Abdullah's neighbor. British expat living in the UAE. Very curious about local culture yet never had the opportunity to mingle with any Emiratis. Conscious not to over step any cultural lines. 9 Days shoot

3- Daisy (30s-50s)
- Michael's wife. Career driven. Initially wary and not willing to mix with the new Emirati neighbor yet maintaining a professional courteous outlook. 5 Days shoot. 

4- Joey (6-11)
Michael and Daisy's son. Very inquisitive about Abdullah. Would usually sneak into the corridor to see what he is up to. Unlike his parents, speaks his mind, which causes some embarrassment. 5 Days Shoot (Weekends)
5- Orchestra Conductor (40s-60s)
Arguably the film's villain. Loves the attention of the media. Initially comes across as candid and straight forward only to later reveal a very self centered opportunistic nature. 7 Days Shoot.
6- Abdullah's Father (30s-50s)
Religiously conservative man that doesn't say much. Closer to his eldest son Hamad than he is to Abdullah the youngest. Concerned about the views of society. Emirati dialect required. 8 Days shoot. 
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