British Council’s Culture Shift Lab – March 2015

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Great opporunity for creatives in the UAE!

Guest post by the British Council
The year 2015 was announced by the Dubai Government as the Year of Innovation. We hope to tap into the latent creative talent of the young people in the UAE to produce ideas and prototypes through our Culture Shift Lab 2015 that the UAE Government could see performing a useful role in the development of digital innovative technologies in the UAE
To use our Culture Shift Lab initiative to identify groups or individuals with viable and innovative digital solutions and to support them to develop these ideas through access to capital investment opportunities, industry mentorship and PR.
-           To hold a 3 day digital hack in Dubai where business ideas are generated, tested and if possible, prototypes built
-           To raise the profile of the event by accessing media outlets in the press, online and through social media to cover the hack
-           To conduct a thorough and relevant monitoring and evaluation plan including conducting interviews with participants, testing 2 or 3 proxies around participants’ attitude towards innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE
A group of between 35-40 individuals will be identified through an application process lasting 4 weeks prior to the date of the Hack launch. The individuals will be a combination of designers, developers, architects, copywriters, entrepreneurs and innovators based in the UAE.
The hack will take place over three days and include ice-breaker sessions, guided workshops and free development time. There will also be a number of flash talks from other digital innovators via skype. We will follow the progress of groups throughout the three days with regular feedback sessions to ensure the groups remain on track.
On the final day, groups will present their ideas to a panel of industry leaders from which 2 groups will be rewarded with a capital investment prize to develop their idea further.
The winning groups will be followed over the next 6 months and their progress tracked.
To apply, please visit this link.