Crank up your exposure and meet photographers in Abu Dhabi

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Look for a photography group that lines up with your interests and become a better photographer.

Sharing information is the quickest way to teach, and learning from others is the quickest way to learn. That’s why it’s essential to find a photography community where you can share and learn information. Look for a photography group that lines up with your interests and become a better photographer. Here are some different types of photography groups around Abu Dhabi that you can join or network in:

Abu Dhabi Photographers:
Abu Dhabi Photographers is for the amateurs and the experts alike! No matter what level of photography you’re at, you can join for free and make use of meetups, photography competitions, and more. It is the biggest group of photographers in Abu Dhabi to be a part of. They have 1,769 members and regularly hold different levels of classes and workshops that you can attend.

Five Colors Abu Dhabi Models & Fashion Photography:
Five Colors is the link between models and fashion photographers in the area. Fashion photography can make for some of the most colorful, and energetic photos. If you want to snap some photos of models but can’t find any, look no further. We all know how hard it can be to convince your friends to pose for your shots, so join this group and make use of its community that brings models and photographers together!

Art of Photography in Abu Dhabi:
A great photograph can be constructed using different rules about light, composition, and color. If you believe every photograph should be looked at as an art piece, this is the group for you! Join a community of people who appreciate the art of photography and want to get better at it. They organize workshops around Abu Dhabi every couple of months, where they focus on explaining the technical aspects of getting a great shot.

Abu Dhabi Creative Club:
This group isn’t exactly a photography group, but it’s well worth joining. Abu Dhabi Creative Club is a community for all creatives in Abu Dhabi, who are encouraged to meet and network with each other. As a photographer, this is a great way for you to gain opportunities to collaborate with other artists looking for photographers for their projects!

Remember, you can always join different communities not related to photography and bring your camera along with you. You can also start your own community of photographers as well. So many people are passionate about photography in Abu Dhabi, and relying on each other for help is the best way for our photography community to get stronger!

The creative lab community wants to see all the pictures you’ve been taking during this month of photography. We love seeing the creativity and talent in your pictures, so post them up on your portfolio now!