A creative environment where you can work, meet, connect and enjoy being part of the community. Here you can run workshops and presentations, work on your current project using the latest computer equipment or simply hangout in our chill lounge with friends.

Join the creative lab community to get your membership card to access and use the great facilities.

book a lab



#thelab is equipped with a large meeting room that’s available for you and your fellow creatives to book so that you can work together and plan your projects anytime. It also has screening facilities, and a flipchart.



#thelab provides you with an extensive editing room that you can use for free to post produce your creative work including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite. To learn more about how to book the #editlab, watch our video here.



#thelab’s sound lab allows you to produce your audio projects as well as all the voice over and narration work that your creative projects need using Protools. To learn more about how to book the #soundlab, watch our video here.

more facilities

  • the lab stage

    #thelab stage

    #thelab has a stage and a seating area that you can use to host screenings, performances or workshops, and even hold club meetings and many more! If you’d like to use #thelab’s open space for other purposes, let us know by emailing us at: labbooking@twofour54.com

  • gaming area

    gaming area

    Even if you don’t need to work on projects, you can always access #thelab to have some fun! There’s a dedicated gaming area with Xbox 360, and a range of games (or bring your own) to help you enjoy your time, relax with friends and play some cool games.

  • work stations

    work stations, wi-fi and other cool stuff

    Working with your creative team in a dedicated work space is one of the cool things you can do at #thelab. 4 i-Macs are available with gaming and animation software for you to use anytime. You can also use them to design and edit videos. Bring a hard drive to save your work!

frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need your personal membership card?

    Your card is your personal ticket to access all the #thelab’s facilities including: the meeting room, workstations, sound lab, edit lab and the gaming area. To make sure you’re able to access #thelab at all times, please make sure you bring personal membership card along with your National ID card with you every time you visit and present it to the security desk at twofour54. Once you present your personal creative lab membership card, you will be given an electronic access card (in exchange of your National ID) so that you can enter the lab and enjoy its facilities.

    Please make note of the number on your personal membership card – this is your unique membership number. If you have booked any of facilities in #thelab but didn’t bring your card when you arrive, you won’t be able to access the facilities you booked.

    If you are already a creative lab member, you still need to apply for #thelab membership.

    If you are not a member and would like to get your card, make sure you tick the checkbox for joining #thelab when you sign up to the creative lab community.

    If you are already a creative lab member, click on #thelab booking widget on the homepage and you'll be directed to your #thelab membership form and your information will be automatically entered. Just tick the checkbox and you'll receive an email with your card details.

  • How to book the facilities

    Book #thelab’s facilities and come join your fellow creatives! Now that you’ve signed up for #thelab membership, you can start booking the facilities you need.

    1. You can only book one facility at a time.

    2. You can book the sound or ideas lab for no longer than 4 hours so that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the facilities.

    3. You can book the edit lab for 6 hours a day – from 9 AM to 3 PM or 3 PM to 10 PM.

    4. Click on the available time slot (in white) and you’ll be directed to a booking request form which you will need to fill and submit.

    5. Once you submit, we will review your booking request and we will email you shortly afterwards to confirm your booking slot. Enjoy #thelab facilities!