Art is always changing, what is new in art today is old news tomorrow. That is why seeing the reinvention of art is so mesmerizing. Looking at the art on display at Abu Dhabi Art this year felt like looking at the rebirth of creativity. This year is Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s 9th edition of their exhibition. The fair exhibited artworks from 18 different countries in 47 beautifully curated exhibitions, which see neighboring international artworks that contrast and complement each other. This is one of the reasons Abu Dhabi Art is a unique experience unlike any other.

The event was held at Manarat al Saadiyat, a contemporary venue with eye-catching outdoor architecture, built with the purpose of hosting local and international art galleries. The space was divided into separate exhibitions using white walls to section the room for different artists. Today, artists aren’t afraid to make big statements. 3D art pieces were prevalent throughout the exhibitions, grabbing the attention of visitors. There was also a lot of art created using mixed media, making it obvious that experimentation and innovation is playing a big part in today’s art.

The art scene in Abu Dhabi is constantly growing and exhibitions are being set up to support all forms of art being explored. Abu Dhabi Art encourages innovation by exhibiting art in fresh ways. This year, one of the exhibitions ‘Beyond: Emerging Artists’ , an outdoor sculpture exhibition, will see sculptures and installations from emerging UAE artists placed in and around Abu Dhabi Art 2017, while ‘Street Art’ will bring art to the urban areas by displaying art on Abu Dhabi’s buses.

There is a strong focus on bringing attention to young regional artists and putting them on a platform along with high profile artists. Abu Dhabi Art will have more than 20,000 visitors, providing new artists with pieces in Abu Dhabi Art with remarkable exposure. They’re making the global art world more accessible to regional and emerging artists. Abu Dhabi Art will also host performance arts, a stand-up comedy show, masterclasses, and 18 talks about art during the four day event. Every aspiring artist of any kind has something to gain from what Abu Dhabi Art is offering.

You can visit Abu Dhabi Art 2017 at Manarat Al Saadiyat from November 8th to November 11th 2017, visit their website for more information:

This article was written by twofour54 intern, Muhimma Sulaiman.