Talks of the Louvre Abu Dhabi began in 2007 when UAE and France signed an agreement to bring the iconic museum to Abu Dhabi. Since then, any announcements on new developments of the Louvre have been met with excitement. Abu Dhabi has been patiently waiting, keeping updated with all the details and news of the museum. Art lovers all around the UAE are dreaming of the 600+ art pieces going to be on display, and dreaming of witnessing art works created by the most famous artists in the world. Everybody always says seeing an artwork in real life is so different than looking at their pictures.

Luckily the Louvre Abu Dhabi opened on November 11th 2017! Saadiyat Island’s Cultural District is expected to have 8 museums including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, making it the cultural hub of the city. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is Middle East’s first universal museum. Its iconic architecture is the work of architect Jean Nouvel. Jean’s design of the dome shaped roof allows for sunlight to filter into the building, so that the sun creates a ‘rain of light’ effect on the museum. The lighting of the Louvre Abu Dhabi goes fittingly well with the museum’s theme, ‘see humanity in a new light’.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is arranged in a chronological order, displaying prehistoric art pieces to contemporary artworks. To appreciate artworks at the Louvre Abu Dhabi it is important to understand why they’re so important. They are a reflection of history and the link between the past and the present. Yet for some, understanding art sounds inaccessible, like something only scholars are able to do. The Louvre Abu Dhabi will help change our perception of how we value art. A children’s museum is also part of the museum, and will encourage this change of mindset for the future generations.

There have been so many great accomplishments for the UAE over the years, and in a country that is continuously growing, establishing a museum as prestigious as the Louvre in Abu Dhabi will inspire generations to achieve bigger and better. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is bringing a world of stories, history and knowledge right at our door step, an accomplishment that will strengthen the UAE’s values in nurturing the country’s appreciation of art, history, and culture.

This article was written by twofour54 intern, Muhimma Sulaiman.